Kass Ghayouri's writing has the power to evoke a sense of sight in the reader. Through dramatic imagery she creates visual slides, which connect reader to memorable plots. Reader can draw a metacognitive connection between these books, their lives and the world at large.

" . . . a tale that will undoubtedly remind readers of Cry, The Beloved Country by Alan Paton and A Dry White Season by Andre Brink; . . ."
Review by Readers Favorite for An Era Of Error


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An Era of Error
An Era of Error is a novel that falls into the genre of historic fiction, based on the Apartheid era in South Africa. Kass Ghayouri provides the reader with the opportunity to chronicle the huge obstacles, her characters face, living in South Africa during the Apartheid era. Each reader has the majestic power to delve into that moment, and experience the brutal force of its thrilling plot.


The Fugitive’s Baby
The Fugitive’s Baby has the potential to succeed on its own merits as it achieves what it has set out to achieve, a captivating story that takes the reader on a rollercoaster ride, revealing deep seated emotions. This novel documents the themes of love, romance, fear, and articulate characters, with a nostalgic plot.


Punch Buggy
Kass Ghayouri’s Punch Buggy- Auto-Biography is an inspirational story of a Beetle car. It inspires people of all age groups to play the game, “Punch Buggy”. The game is humorous however, it gets some people into trouble. Children love this little bug. Nevertheless, when an antagonist comes along, trouble lurks...




Governess Poetry & Illustration

Poetry expresses essential elements. It enables the poet to express emotions using the art of writing. Poetry is complex and it emerges from the soul. It is the key to expose the imagination. Poet Kass Ghayouri uses speech and rhythm to articulate her thoughts. Poetry is her perception of reality. It is also the conception of her experiences. It is not just the experiences of daily life but also the experience of her vivid imagination and intellectual curiosity.


Universe Poetry & Illustration
“Poetry is the character of my soul embedded in the chambers of my heart”. Poet and Illustrator Kass Ghayouri, is able to generate imagery and visual symbolism in her poems. The representation of visual ideas in her mind, blossoms into words. It is the liberty of self-expression.




I Tried But I Died
The antagonist Jake was a passive recipient to blame. The protagonist Kay exhaled oxygen and inhaled a divine sense of love. Death confronted them with confidence. This novel is a catalyst that delves deep down into the core of human nature, exposing the evil and darkest side of the human mind. Characters are self absorbed and callous. Love becomes an emotional engagement that reciprocates secure attachments.











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